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We connect sustainable capital allocation to real world economies by breaking down market barriers.

A global leader in impact intelligence

Offering the debt capital market leading management, impact reporting and asset allocation solutions to mobilize transition finance.

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Trusted by transparency leaders

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Capital is key to tackle the $100 trillion challenge on Earth.

Issuers and investors are mobilizers of capital to finance the transition towards net-zero economies.

Connecting debt capital market participants

Green Assets Wallet is an impact tech company with a mission to re-direct capital flows towards to net zero economies. Our solution injects trust and transparency into the debt capital market ecosystem through a proven methodology and harmonized and comparable impact data.

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A global trust platform

On Green Assets Wallet issuers, investors, and validators can interact and align, while debt security impact data is reported and aggregated quickly and efficiently.

Issuers can report and communicate transition plans and impact achievements to a global market.

Investors can access trusted and quantifiable impact data to inform allocation choices and evaluate investments.

Access impact data: Anytime, anywhere

We cater for issuers, investors and validators and all labelled bond instruments with an impact angle. Our solution is web-based, easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

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One platform, endless possibilities




Report environmental and social impact

Align impact reporting under our Impact Reporting Framework, in line with best-practice and international guidelines.

Communicate and visualise results

Easily share data and disclose impact to global investors, validators and customers. Also attract new ones.

Validate bonds and projects

Demonstrate trust through pre- and post-issuance assurance. Also validate project results.

Upload and store documents

Increase transparency by uploading your frameworks, second opinions, methodologies and impact reports.

Access harmonised impact data

Access robust and harmonized impact data, on all labelled securities. Our importing tool helps you match your portfolio with issuer impact data.

Analyse issuers' credibility

Create and store a track record of reliable issuers. Review third-party validations and assurance reports.

Automate your portfolio management

Customize your impact portfolio and use our automated data analytics tool to assess your impact - saving you time and money.

Engage clients and stakeholders

Showcase your targets and impact performance to stakeholders via our impact intelligence tool or through data export.

Access global bond issuers

Connect to bond issuers globally and expand your assurance impact.

Accelerate digital verification

Digitize impact data and verification processes. Verify second opinions, impact reports and project impact data online. Secure adherence to frameworks.

Influence capital flows toward impact

Make verification results automatically available to stakeholders, while supporting your clients’ journey of improving impact performance.

Own your own verification process

Control the use and application of your verification data and automate your impact management.

“Compiling and comparing different impact reports can be complicated and time consuming. We see this platform as a way to simplify this process for investors.”
Ashley Schulten Head of Responsible Investing, Global Fixed Income, Blackrock

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