About us

We connect sustainable capital allocation to real world economies by breaking down market barriers.

Your partner for impact in real economies

Green Assets Wallet is a leading innovator offering a platform serving the debt capital market with impact management and reporting.

The Green Assets Wallet experience

Change catalyst

We tear down barriers and drive capital market expansion by overcoming perceived risks, size bias, geographical boundaries and asset classes.

Trust champion

We co-create with leading innovators to push the boundaries for credible impact further, nudging mainstream issuers and investors to follow suit.


We disrupt the trade-off between credibility and scale, enabling easy recognition, assessment and verification of credible impact data.

An awarded Swedish innovation

Green Assets Wallet started as an innovation project in 2017, under the lead of Stockholm Green Digital Finance. The objective was to scale the global green debt market through financial technology.

The initiative attracted leading market participants from the Nordic's and worldwide. Issuers, investors, validators, scientists, academia, regulators and leading think-tanks came together to develop a bespoke and powerful solution.

The initiative grew fast and therefore turned into a commercial business in early 2020.

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  • Global capital easily flows to projects and actors, building prosperous and sustainable societies on Earth.


  • We offer a global, market independent platform to help investors and impact projects connect through quantifiable, structured and trusted impact data, ultimately re-directing capital to finance the transition.


  • Integrity

    We are inclusive, transparent and set high standards for our work.

  • Passion

    We are curious, adaptive and committed to deliver real world impact.

  • Empowering

    We treasure and serve the champions that build a better Earth.

A distributed team for global action

We are a committed, diverse, and multicultural team of 20+ highly skilled individuals, based in Sweden, Germany and Macedonia. Our expertise and experience comprise in sustainable finance and investments, green transition and project financing, ESG/impact reporting, technology, and scale-up business.

Our strongest conviction is that the transition to a carbon neutral economy in line with the Paris Agreement and the Global Goals is achievable, only if all capital market participants work together shoulder to shoulder to fix this. 

Meet the team

We hire people who want to change the world

Want to use your talent to build something that makes a difference to businesses, people and local societies around the world? Then you’ll love working here.

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I want to make an impact on people, planet and the real economy and I set out to do so, in close collaboration with other like minded souls.”
Cecilia Repinski CEO and Founder of Green Assets Wallet
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May 2017

Green Assets Wallet is launched, as the first blockchain initiative, financed by the German government and as a collaboration of Nordic green finance pioneers such as CICERO and SEB.

December 2019

Official launch of the Green Assets Wallet Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with market leaders and the Brazilian Development Bank.

January 2020

Green Assets Wallet becomes a commercial business and is introduced to capital markets.

September 2020

Green Assets Wallet is listed among top Nordic Fintech companies that deliver impact by Implement Consulting Group.

October 2020

The first sovereign issuer, Central Bank of Hungary, joins Green Assets Wallet.

November 2020

Awarded the People's Choice Award in the Mastercard Lighthouse Massiv Program, a partnership platform with the vision to scale impact to 1 billion people by 2024.

February 2021

Selected for the Bonfire Accelerator Program by PWC Sweden and IBM.

May 2021

100 impact reports are published on Green Assets Wallet. Global investor engagement picks up.

June 2021

Green Assets Wallet contributes to the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Impact Reporting Guidelines.

September 2021

New financing is secured and the Green Assets Wallet team grows to 20+ members.

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