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Cecilia Repinski receives 'Rising Star Award’ at Realtid Klara K Day

December 6, 2021

This award is a clear signal the market understands the value of our solutions and how we can make a real contribution to help shifting the trillions towards the transition into sustainable economies.

Cecilia Repinski CEO and Founder Green Assets Wallet

Cecilia Repinski, Founder and CEO of impact tech start-up Green Assets Wallet has been named Rising Star of the Year on Realtid Klara K Day, a day of traditionally honouring women that have shown courage, endurance and strength.

“Now is the time to dispel the myth that the market economy stands in the way of climate change.”

According to Realtid, one of Sweden’s biggest media outlets for finance and business news, one of this year’s Rising Star is Cecilia Repinski, CEO and Founder of Green Assets Wallet.

At the Gender Equality and Leadership Conference Klara K-Day, on 29 November 2021, several different role models were traditionally awarded to people who during the last year showed courage, integrity, and innovation, made their voices heard and took a risk to create benefits beyond themselves and their organization.

According to Cecilia this would not have been possible without the support of the entire Green Assets Wallet team.

This is a major recognition of all our hard work, of my team of superstars - this is our award!

Cecilia Repinski CEO and Founder Green Assets Wallet
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