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GAW-appointed Advisors set the stage for future growth

June 3, 2021

Green Assets Wallet (GAW) was founded as an innovation project under the lead of not-for-profit Stockholm Green Digital Finance. As market demand for innovation in green finance grew, GAW spun off as a private company in December 2019. One year later, GAW fully transitioned into a private limited company.

This was followed by the appointment of an Advisory Committee to support, advise, guide and direct the Green Assets Wallet based on its annual plans and overall strategy. Joining the committee are high-level executives from stock exchanges, fintechs, financial groups, and experts on sustainable finance.


Our advisors are all exceptional. Their diverse background together with years of experience, their hunger for innovation and their curiosity have given us useful guidance on our journey.

Ceciliia Repinski CEO and Founder Green Assets Wallet

Mats Holmfeldt, advisor and co-investor in the Green Assets Wallet, describes himself as a fintech and green finance venture catalyst. He is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Findec, the Swedish Hub for fintechs, and the Chairman of Centiglobe and founder of Nowonomics. Since 2014 he also sits on the Board of Paynova.

Mats Holmfeldt, Co-Founder and Advisor Green Assets Wallet

I believe that GAW will make a real impact to change the industry for the better. I see GAW as a thought leader within its space.

Mats Holmfeldt Co-Founder and Advisor Green Assets Wallet

The Advisory Committee has bi-weekly meetings with the GAW team. Additionally, each advisor is involved in separate processes related to their field of interest such as for example partnerships, innovation, marketing and emerging markets.

Jane Wilkinson, is a recognised sustainable finance expert and an experienced non-executive director, sitting on the boards of several international asset management groups. She was also one of only thirty-five ESG experts selected to join the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. Her professional experience spans 30+ years, mostly in Luxembourg, where she has “grown up” working in the world of investment management. Jane is also an adjunct professor at the University of Luxembourg lecturing the MSc Sustainable Finance programme. Prior to becoming an independent director and specialised ESG advisor, Jane was Head of Sustainable Finance at Luxembourg Stock Exchange, which also included leading the award-winning Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).

Jane Wilkinson, ESG Advisor and Professor at University of Luxembourg

It is a real honour to support this unique business which brings transparency, trust and a new approach to data. No other company has achieved this yet.

Jane Wilkinson ESG Advisor and Professor at University of Luxembourg

Erika Wranegård manages Lombard Odier Investment Managers’ TargetNetZero credit strategies. Before that Erika worked many years as a sustainability focused Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Öhman Fonder Financial Group. Erika is GAW’s longest standing advisor. She began supporting GAW as early as 2017, when GAW was still in its infancy within the collaborative platform Stockholm Green Digital Finance.

Erika Wranegård, Fixed Income Porfolio Manager, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Green Assets Wallet has the potential to revolutionize impact reporting.

Erika Wranegård Fixed Income Porfolio Manager, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Nick Gogerty is the founder of Thoughtful Capital Group, a value research and portfolio allocation consultancy firm based in Greenwich, CT USA. He is a specialist in emerging technology, economics and behaviour. Nick has held senior technology and innovation roles at Starlab, an advanced European research institute modelled on the MIT Media Lab, various start-ups, and one of the world’s largest hedge funds. He is the inventor and founder of solar energy reward cryptocurrency SolarCoin and its distributed blockchain backbone, ElectriCChain.

The intersection of information and a trillion dollars of assets tilted to greater effectiveness by data seemed a good fit for me, when I joined.

Nick Gogerty Founder of Thoughtful Capital Group and SolarCoin

Madhur Ramrakha is a social, economic and environmental impact investor, a philanthropist, ESG activist and a green-certified property developer. He brings to the table over 20 years of investment banking experience at J.P. Morgan in Canada, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, as well as several years of audit and advisory practice at PWC. His expertise on green finance in emerging markets is invaluable for GAW. He is passionate advocate for sustainable finance, particularly green bonds in emerging markets where the depth of capital markets and reliance on debt structures can incentivise sustainable development.

I believe we can become ubiquitous in the labelled green finance marketplace as the de-facto ecosystem for issuers, investors, verifiers and other stakeholders.

Madhur Ramrakha Philanthropist, Impact Investor, and Green Certified Property Developer
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