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Green Assets Wallet contributes to ICMA Impact Reporting Mapping

March 15, 2021

The GAW platform – in alignment with International Capital Market Association (ICMA) guidelines – provides direct access to quantifiable impact data according to relevant KPIs, structured in use-of-proceeds categories, with comparable units, including optional grid factor transparency. GAW equips investors with benchmarking, statistics, aggregation, portfolio impact share calculations, validation and immutable issuer change-logs.


Trusted data are instrumental to inform allocation choices and evaluate the impact of investments.

Cecilia Repinski CEO and Founder Green Assets Wallet

ICMA’s mapping could not come at a better time. This mapping exercise will be extremely helpful to investors looking for high-quality impact reporting. They can find this on Green Assets Wallet.

What makes us so different is the clear and structured system with a unique level of detail and flexibility in impact reporting.

Axel Helmertz Impact Data Specialist Green Assets Wallet

Impact reporting on GAW is in alignment with best practices and guidelines by standard-setting organisations. GAW brings together all actors wishing to invest in a better future. Investors, issuers and validators that join GAW support market expansion of sustainable capital allocation, driving fintech solutions, in line with market requirements.

Issuers communicate their transition and impact achievements to a global market, while investors access trusted and quantifiable data to evaluate their investments.

Jonas Wallenius Platform Strategist Green Assets Wallet

Issuers can easily upload their data and are rewarded for their transparency. But the Green Assets Wallet team also provides free advisory services to help issuers and can even prepare all data for them to save time. The team follows a detailed methodology for preparing issuer data in a standardized format. Most important, Green Assets Wallet is market neutral. Their main objective is that all impact is reported in the most meaningful way for the market. This requires constant innovation and adaptation of the services they offer for investors and issuers alike.

Later this year, the ICMA group aims to publish an overview of the different services these data providers are offering and a set of voluntary guidelines for impact databases.

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