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We connect sustainable capital allocation to real world economies by breaking down market barriers.

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Green Assets Wallet’s brand aligns with identity as an impact intelligence leader

January 18, 2022

Look and feel reflects solutions for investors to tackle the $100 trillion-dollar challenge to save planet Earth.

As Green Assets Wallet scales up to a leader in impact intelligence, its branding underwent a revamp to reflect the company’s new identity.

Connecting debt capital market participants

Financing net-zero economies is a rare opportunity to improve millions of lives and achieve high-impact returns.

Cecilia Repinski CEO & Founder Green Assets Wallet


Traditionally, debt capital markets have used absolute, disparate, and often qualitative ESG information to evaluate bonds and projects’ impact on society. This way of measuring impact is limited and does not provide enough insights for investors to report on portfolio impact or assess an investment.

Green Assets Wallet, as an “Impact-as-a-Service” platform, offers an end-to-end SaaS solution to the debt capital market ecosystem for robust and quantifiable impact data and cutting-edge impact reporting. The company’s objective is to accelerate capital markets for sustainable investments, using emerging technologies to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

We are the world’s first digital platform committed to impact optimization and societal returns.

Cecilia Repinski CEO & Founder Green Assets Wallet

The look and feel of a fast-moving impact leader 

Green Assets Wallet offers the best user journey to drive high impact and to mobilize capital. Their new website with access to an intuitive impact intelligence dashboard now better accommodates what investors, issuers and validators are looking for.

The concept of capital flows, circular economies, and a net-zero future is found throughout the website. Soft edges and curves resemble money flows, beautiful natural imagery is combined with how societies look like today – in cities and across countries. The user has a zoomed outlook, thereby broadening his and her perspective of how we see the world and its challenges. It is all linked with each other and yet fragmented.

Market leaders choose Green Assets Wallet.

Integrity. Empowerment. Passion. Boldness.

Green Assets Wallet stands for integrity, empowerment, and passion. These values have been encompassed in all assets, ranging from the company’s logo to the website.

The logo is smooth and curvilinear, its shape representing capital flows towards impact. The G avatar represents the global outlook and the circularity of future economies.

The black and white colors together with natural images stand for the connection between financial technology and the environment. The font ‘Reckless Neue’ stands for passion and boldness.

Integrity, another company value, is encompassed in all Green Assets Wallet messaging, as a promoter for collaboration, transparency and trust. All these values are written in the Green Assets Wallet mission. 

Capital markets hold the key. We see ourselves as the mobilizer in transition finance.

Helena Mueller COO Green Assets Wallet

Green Assets Wallet can only achieve their vision of a capital shift towards net-zero economies, as a concerted effort of the entire capital debt market ecosystem. This includes issuers, green project owners, validators, investors, financial intermediaries and regulators. The Green Assets Wallet technology is the vehicle that drives efficiencies in impact reporting and supports the necessary market expansion in impact investing.

Our dedicated team of impact data specialists are keen to help. Investors, issuers or validators of green assets can contact them for a free demo or consultation how they can improve visualization and communication of their impact.

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