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Impact News December 2021

January 11, 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,

this year has been very different for all of us. The pandemic has caused us to rethink, take stock and give back. At Green Assets Wallet most of what we do is about giving back.

Without you we would not exist. Our vision for impact at scale is only possible with the shared efforts of you, everyone in the broader ecosystem we aim to engage.

Much has changed for us at Green Assets Wallet in 2021. We have ramped up and transformed from an innovation project to an agile company and business. Today we engage issuers and investors worldwide through the hearts and hands of 20+ team members.

As we make big strides towards becoming the impact intelligence leader in the space, we would like to highlight some of the achievements from the past year and thank you all for your contribution!

We would like to wish you all mindful holidays and a good start into the New Year.

We are ready to welcome 2022 full of energy and hope you are too.

See you in 2022!

With the very best wishes,

The Green Assets Wallet Team

Have you seen our new brand? We designed it for you!

A great product deserves a great brand. As we grow, and our platform engages users across the globe, we also wanted to upgrade our brand experience, to better fit the global, trusted player we are turning into.

For the brand to reflect the technology and impact provider we are, we decided to re-design our brand together with the digital experience. We believe it is sleek. It is beautiful. It is user centric.

Our new brand reflects what we do at Green Assets Wallet: Continuously innovating our technology to serve the ecosystem of debt capital market players to redirect capital flows to high impact investments.

2021: Milestone year for Green Assets Wallet

Launch of Investor Impact Report 1.0

With a new and expanded tech team we will launch our Investor Impact Report  together with leading innovators and partners, early next year. We encourage all asset owners and managers, investors, central banks and family offices to reach out. We stand ready to help you report on impact, get in touch here!

1st Validator Assurance Proof of Concept (PoC)

In December we did our first validator assurance Proof of Concept (PoC) with a leading issuer in real estate and the Green Building Council and LEED. The feedback was great and the results were even better.

This is in anticipation of the next step to grow our ecosystem of debt capital market actors and start onboarding validators. Stay tuned!

From complexity to simplicity: Intuitive dashboard to support impact digitalization

The Impact Reporting Module with it’s Impact Intelligence Dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-use; issuers and investors receive a well-designed interface that gives them a great experience and provides the added value they are looking for. It saves them time and resources and they can generate customizable and comprehensible reporting. Green Assets Wallet is the world’s first blockchain-based impact reporting platform that is global, independent and market neutral.

Close to 90% coverage of all green bond impact data

Our platform now hosts 90% of all green bond issuer impact data. As of early 2022, investors can access this data over a newly designed INVESTOR PORTAL.

Our platform covers all sectors and key players from international financial institutions, tech giants, large energy providers, big banks, municipalities, forestry, transport and real estate. Issuers across the world are now represented on Green Assets Wallet.

Our data covers Green Bond UoPs. As early as beginning of 2022, we will include Frameworks for Social Bonds and Sustainability Bonds, and enable Blue and Covid Bond categories. We will also launch an improved functionality for the issuer community.

Tech team performance exceeds expectations

Green Assets Wallet Tech Team: (from left to right) Back row: Ana Jordanova, Tome Tasevski, Danica Arnaudova Front row: Sandra Tutureska, Hristina Veljanovska

Our tech team has grown. Significantly. Since we expanded to ten people during autumn, we have hit the ground running. Our developers work from Sweden all the way to Macedonia, on new solutions and features for issuers and investors.

“Our challenge is to implement technology that decreases data complexity, while it complies with the highest benchmarks such as the EU sustainable finance regulation. At the same time, it needs to fit our users’ needs, which are very diverse, ranging from issuers, to investors, validators, pension funds, green project developers and others,” explains Cyle Witruk, CTO Green Assets Wallet.

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Cecilia Repinski receives 'Rising Star' Award

Now is the time to dispel the myth that the market economy stands in the way of climate change.

Cecilia Repinski CEO and Founder Green Assets Wallet

Our CEO and Founder Cecilia was named Rising Star at the Equality and Leadership Conference Klara K Day. This event was organised by Realtid, one of Swedish biggest finance and business media. They traditionally honour women that have shown courage, endurance and strength during that day.

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Helena Mueller appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The short-term focus will be to cater to the incoming requests from asset managers, sovereign debt actors, and pension funds and to capitalize on all the initiatives and dialogues that are already ongoing.

Helena Mueller COO Green Assets Wallet

Since September 2021, Helena Mueller has joined Green Assets Wallet Leadership Team as COO and Co-Founder. Coming from Doconomy and with her invaluable experience she is running daily operations and orchestrating growth strategies.

Green Assets Wallet featured in latest insights report from Clifford Chance

According to the report, Green Assets Wallet is a digital platform which seeks to streamline scattered ESG impact data, providing transparent impact data and third-party verification through a user-friendly interface.

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Investors can create portfolios on the platform and identify, evaluate and monitor investments, whilst having access to impact reports and other documents.

Alexander Tollast Finance & Capital Markets Senior Associate at Clifford Chance and member of ICMA IFL FinTech Working Group

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