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Nicklas Lemon is Green Assets Wallet's new Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

February 18, 2022

Nicklas Lemon is Green Assets Wallet's new Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Our newly appointed Chief Experience Officer (CxO) begins his work on driving a customer-centric product development roadmap

Nicklas Lemon is the most recent addition to the Green Assets Wallet Leadership Team.

In his role as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Nicklas will drive a customer value centric development agenda. His experience spans many years in service and business design, creating innovation processes, working in financial markets and management consulting.

He is a strong believer in ‘pretotyping’, using a set of tools, techniques, and tactics to validate any product or idea quickly, objectively, and accurately.

“Using collaborative design methodology and a co-creating innovation processes, we make sure that together with our customers, we prioritize that the 'right things' are developed in the 'right way'.

Nicklas Lemon CxO Green Assets Wallet

Nicklas will be very active in growing the Green Assets Wallet impact ecosystem. His focus will lie on co-creating a great user experience and align this with the respective customer journey of different debt capital market actors, such as investors, issuers, validators, and financial intermediaries worldwide. According to Nicklas, “one of the keys to succeeding in building our impact intelligence platform and create that experience our customers love, is to work with ‘pretotyping’ to verify any product idea and in a second step ‘prototyping’ to find out the right way how to do this.”

Pretotyping followed by prototyping is a good strategy to verify you are doing the right thing in the right way for the customer.

Nicklas Lemon CxO Green Assets Wallet

Prior to Green Assets Wallet, Nicklas worked as a senior management consultant. He is also an expert in creating systematic cooperation, knowledge integration and collective intelligence in teams and organizations. A common theme in his consultancy projects has been to support organizations in their transition towards a new business paradigm.

Nicklas worked five years at Sweden’s second largest bank SEB, where he held several positions ranging from Head of Savings and investment products where simplification was a major contribution and SEB Way end-to-end program, where he transformed the mortgage process to become significantly more customer centric.

Nicklas has more than ten years of experience working in global financial markets for Reuters Ltd in London and Geneva with a focus on real-time and reference data, analytics, news and transactions related mainly to fixed income.

Irfan Simsar / Unsplash

Nicklas is a person that does everything with a passion, whether it is being a board member of the housing association where he is a resident or driving a local sustainability agenda where he engages in the local car sharing and car charging infrastructure.

At Green Assets Wallet everyone knows him for his colorful Miro boards, the endless number of digital post-its, his creative brainstorming sessions and the so-called power groups.

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