Axel Helmertz

Impact Data Specialist / Issuer Success

Prior to joining Green Assets Wallet, Axel lived in San Francisco and studied finance and entrepreneurship in Palo Alto. He is knowledgeable within impact/ESG data, sustainable finance, banking, asset management, customer success management and client support.

He spent time with Commerzbank’s start-up incubator “Main Incubator” and performed due diligence on start-ups/scale-ups. He also did an internship with Redwood Park Advisors in California and was a finalist in Bloomberg’s “National Trading Challenge” in 2019. Axel also co-developed a digital platform for gig-workers, a project that was mentored by Bootup Ventures, Techstars and Google.

Axel safeguards global issuer success on the Green Asset Wallet platform and manages a team of impact data anlysts and the process of onboarding issuer impact data.