Hanna Ståhlberg

Head of Communications

Hanna is German/Spanish and based in Hamburg. She also lived in Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Hawaii, London, Singapore and Japan. She is a seasoned Marketing and Communications specialist with a vast background in the finance and tech industry, as well as working for many years with the global development agenda.

Hanna’s skillsets comprise strategic branding, communications, web management, media relations and sales. She has held various positions during her 15+ years in business, with large institutions, corporates and international organisations such as Commerzbank, Morgan Stanley, UN, WHO and Stockholm Environment Institute.

When one of the first green compliant funds was launched by Commerzbank Asset Management in early 2000, Hanna was part of the team. She worked with product development and marketing and served institutional clients. Hanna is also actively engaged in the Blockchain community in Europe.