Sandra Tutureska

Senior UX/UI designer

Sandra is a highly skilled UX/UI designer with over 10 years of experience, as well as experience in solving complex solutions for international market and focus on optimal efficiency, simplicity and functionality. She is a flexible and easy-going person, highly motivated and hardworking, well organised, and adaptable and believes in continuous improvement.

Building meaningful experiences for users through design, is Sandras mantra. She is normally involved in the whole process, starting from workshops and communications with clients, following with research, sketching, prototyping, high resolution design proposals and implementation. She approaches design and leadership with a focus on people, establishing empathy for both the people who make and the people who use the products, help bring to life. Her design practice combines design thinking, user research and experience strategy, all with a relentless focus on the user.

At Green Assets Wallet, Sandra is designing the product into an intuitive and flexible tool to help mobilize capital to the transition needed.