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Meet Philip: Our latest addition to the impact data team

May 17, 2022

Green Assets Wallet impact data team expands further

I am especially excited because it is such an innovative company that quickly adapts to a fast changing market.

Philip Gelfgren Impact Data Analyst, Green Assets Wallet

Philip Gelfgren joins the Green Assets Wallet team to support impact data collection, harmonization and analytics. He will focus mainly on getting the 2021 impact reports ready for investor users. Issuers of labeled bonds use different data sets and metrics and their reports vary in the methodology or granularity applied. It makes comparison and aggregation of data, even at the portfolio level, a hard thing to do for investors.

Philip’s expertise will help ensure that data follows the Green Assets Wallet methodology to ensure a high data quality and reproducibility of these reports. By embracing existing frameworks that have gained traction and focusing on quantifiable and comparable data sets, impact reporting is reaching new levels of quality on the Green Assets Wallet impact intelligence platform.

Welcome to the team Philip, we are lucky to have you!

In the coming 6 months I am looking forward to the team expand and being able to deliver the results of the 2021 impact reports to our customers!

Philip Gelfgren Impact Data Analyst, Green Assets Wallet

Philip’s academic background is in economics and law with a focus on sustainability. He has a pecial interest in the areas of environment and energy. Philip believes it is vital to integrate sustainability into capital markets. The common goal should be to steer capital towards a more resource-efficient and low-carbon future.

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