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Meet the creators of future impact reporting: Green Assets Wallet tech team

December 7, 2021

Meet the creators of future impact reporting: Green Assets Wallet tech team

Green Assets Wallet Tech Team: (from left to right) Back row: Ana Jordanova, Tome Tasevski, Danica Arnaudova Front row: Sandra Tutureska, Hristina Veljanovska

From North Macedonia to Sweden, our tech team works across borders to continuously adapt Green Assets Wallet to better fit investors and issuers needs.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Kenneth Blanchard

None of us is as smart as all of us, said Kenneth Blanchard, American author, and motivational speaker. We follow this strategy at Green Assets Wallet every day. We work collaboratively across the company and in constant exchange between the Tech Team and our Impact Data Analysts and Network Growth team.

Our challenge is to implement technology that decreases data complexity and processes data. All this needs to be in line with the highest benchmarks and regulations such as the EU Taxonomy and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). At the same time, we need to make sure it fits our users’ needs, which are diverse in nature. They range from issuers, to asset owners, asset managers, family offices, central banks, green project developers, validators and others.

Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies Green Assets Wallet’s success as does a close and user-centric discussion with the business and impact data analyst team.

“We have seven people working on the product and tech team and our way of working is founded on a highly skilled and distributed team in close collaboration with our long-term tech partner Polarcape."

Cyle Witruk CTO at Green Assets Wallet.

We need to strike the right balance between data consistency, harmonization, security, and authenticity. All while we fulfil market expectations for integrated, easy-to-use and automated solutions to report on impact.

Hristina Veljanovska Tech Team Leader Green Assets Wallet

Reliable and comprehensive tool for impact reporting

Investors face a myriad of challenges, one of them is that they rely not only on non-validated company specific climate change impact disclosure data, but often on proxy measures and inconsistent ESG-data. It is a barrier to increasing the amount of capital needed to finance a transition towards net-zero economies – which is our vision.

Sustainability and impact data are complex and integrating environmental and social impact into a portfolio is time and resource consuming. Digitalization, big data, and impact platforms provide transparent access points to track, compare and evaluate data, supporting more sophisticated investment strategies by investors.

Green Assets Wallet has recognized the need for these access points through technology but it also provides the support investors and issuers need to find a way through the ESG-maze of data.

From complexity to simplicity: Intuitive dashboard to support impact digitalization

The Impact Reporting Module with it’s Impact Intelligence Dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-use; issuers and investors receive a well-designed interface that gives them a great experience and provides the added value they are looking for. It saves them time and resources and they can generate customizable and comprehensible reporting. Green Assets Wallet is the world’s first blockchain-based impact reporting platform that is global, independent and market neutral.

"We went live in December 2019 and are now onboarding issuers and investors at a fast pace. We are also ramping up product development through agile ways of working. Adding to this we have impact analysts that provide direct support to investors and issuers.”

Helena Mueller COO Green Assets Wallet

The platform is continuously evolving, in line with discussions with key issuers and investors in debt capital markets. We listen. We realized that their needs change with time, from bigger things such as having multiple framework support to simple assignment of multiple roles for one user. We co-collaborate with key issuers and investors to adapt to these changes constantly.

Partnerships and collaboration are very important in blockchain development as the technology requires business use cases to evolve and raise awareness of the benefits. Trust and transparency have become buzz words, which Green Assets Wallet does not use lightly. Our ambition is to support our global issuer base with a state-of-the art impact reporting tool in the new year, and to offer investors that subscribe to the service a view of impact on the portfolio as well as the issuer level.


“The standardized solution is just the foundation, we do so much more than that. Our dedicated team has deep expertise and advises them how they can comply with sustainable finance regulation while addressing the data complexity issue.”

Helena Mueller COO Green Assets Wallet

“We are reviewing our technology and are increasing flexibility and value by assessing new blockchain solutions and partners.”

Cyle Witruk CTO Green Assets Wallet
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