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Winner of Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV People’s Choice Award

November 23, 2021

With over 1,300 people casting their vote, the Green Assets Wallet wins the Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV People’s Choice Award. This honor highlights that since its launch a few months ago, the Green Assets Wallet has been welcomed with much enthusiasm by issuers and investors alike.

Partnerships and Impact
Last week Green Assets Wallet was listed as one of the top 50 influencers in environment, social and governance by ESG Matters Asia, a creator of sustainable platform solutions. This week the company received the People’s Choice Award by Mastercard. Cecilia Repinski, CEO and Founder and her team are delighted that their work is being recognised across the globe.

Green Assets Wallet was founded as a network company, where, together with its stakeholders, true impact was at the foundation of the business.

The think the reason why Green Assets Wallet received so many votes, was that their mission is to service a network of instrumental actors and stakeholders, many of which have been part of developing our platform from the very beginning. It is these stakeholders, i.e. the financial actors, bond issuers and others in the space of sustainable finance, that have spoken for them. That is why this recognition means so much to them. It is their votes within this sustainable finance network that have made this Award possible.

It is the key financial actors, bond issuers and others in the space of sustainable finance, that have spoken for us.

Cecilia Repinski CEO and Founder Green Assets Wallet

True collaborative effort

Green Assets Wallet continues to be a true collaborative effort of all financial actors in green and social finance, aimed at delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Green Assets Wallet is not unfamiliar with these type of programs. The Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV Program, was just another great opportunity to partner up with some great minds to support the start up in aligning their impact model.

The ‘Impact Journey’
The Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV Program supports start-ups that focus on social or green impact. It guides them through a so-called impact journey by asking questions such as: Where is impact delivered? How many people will benefit from this? How is your impact defined and measured? What risks exist along this journey and how can partnerships benefit the outcome and support you to stay on track?

According to Cecilia, the Program has helped them move beyond a vision. It has supported them in developing better messaging tools and move beyond the technology that used to define them. Having Mastercard ask us critical questions on where they want to be in terms of real-world impact, allowed them to better define their objectives.

We stand for trust, transparency, and best-in-class metrics, but we are so much more than that.

Cecilia Repinski CEO and Founder Green Assets Wallet

The Green Assets Wallet accelerates growth of impactful investments beyond the current market scope. The platform can leverage financial access to ten times the current number of actors and with much greater diversity and geographical spread.

Lighthouse Mastercard MASSIV Program
Lighthouse is Mastercard’s open innovation initiative dedicated to creating partnerships between FinTechs and banks. The program balances collaboration and competition in its ultimate goal of helping incumbent players bring FinTech innovation to the market. Lighthouse MASSIV leverages this “partnership incubation model” and uses it to pursue social impact initiatives beyond FinTech. By providing teams with competitive incentives and preferential access to partner resources, Lighthouse MASSIV aims to foster partnerships that will touch the lives of one billion people in the next five years. More information can be found on their website.

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